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Wireless newbie questions about Compatibility with AIS

Hey folks.

My boss had just given me the task of testing out a wireless enviroment.

He was looking to setup a wireless network that authenticates to our active directory windows 2000 server.

The hardware/software i am using are Cisco 350 PCMCIA Series Nics with fw ver 4.25.30, Cisco ACU ver 5.05.001, Cisco AP 1100 with software ver c1100-k9w7-tar.122-4.JA1, Windows 2000 server Sp3 using IAS for wireless radius authentication.

Ok heres the situation. He says he would like to use Cisco LEAP. From my research on these boards i believe that LEAP is NOT supported by Microsoft IAS. Instead we would have to use Cisco Secure ACS for radius authentication to our active directory. Is this correct?

He claims that with the MS Service pack 3 Release that this means of authentication is possible by installing the service pack and tweaking the Radius attributes in the Ms IAS advanced tab.

I have a pile of hair next to my desk trying to sort this out so any help would be very much appreciated..


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Re: Wireless newbie questions about Compatibility with AIS

Hi ,

Leap is Cisco way of implementing EAP . Only Cisco Radius supports LEAP

Example Cisco ACS and Cisco AR .

There are 3rd party radius server who has leap implemented in their radius server . Example Funk Radius server and Interlink Radius server

I don't think IAS will work for LEAP authentication .


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