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Wireless Security and Novell Client

To all,

I am currently looking to upgrade our existing Network Infrastructure toa secure 802.11b network and we have purchase Cisco Secure ACS. We plan to use LEAD with our system and require a radius sign-on using our Novell Client. The problem I have is planning this and how I can setup the workstations. We use ZEN Works for our management of workstations and this means that the Novell client must be the primary sign-on. How can I get the Novell client to be the primary sign-on and still use LEAP? The Novell client requires a network connection before it can bring up a login screen. Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day!

Adam Osterholt

Network Manager

The Children's Medical Center

Dayton, OH

New Member

Re: Wireless Security and Novell Client

I know a guy who has done this but he is in Australia . He is a senior Novell engineer with 15 years experience installing wireless and NetWare, I have worked with him on wireless installations and NetWare LAN's

do you want his email address ?

Bob H

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Re: Wireless Security and Novell Client

That would be wonderfule. Can you email it to me at I appreciate it and have a great day!


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Re: Wireless Security and Novell Client

You need to logon to your LAN via LEAP first

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Re: Wireless Security and Novell Client

We have the same configuration here at my place of work (Novell, ACS, ZEN,etc). In my testing it depended on the OS that the client was using. On the win95/98 clients I had to set the primary login to the Novell client but save the LEAP user name and password in the wireless profile within the ACU on the client. During the client boot up, the LEAP username logs in automatically and the Novell login screen appears for login. I could not get it to work properly with prompting the user to enter their LEAP username/password. This process only work as login as my ACS server database was local to the ACS server. If the ACS server is set to use an NT domain as its user DB the LEAP auto-login did not work....

I did not have this problem with win2000 or winXP clients.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Wireless Security and Novell Client

I have also looked at this possibility but with PEAP rather than LEAP. But have had no end of problems getting the ACS to install certification. Try this link for Novell NDS authentication.


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