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Wireless user bandwidth question

We currently have a Cisco Wireless system 9 1240AG Access Points. It works but gets overloaded when lots of people are on site. We're looking at upgrading and want to be able to limit the amount of bandwidth any specific user gets. Since we currently have Cisco gear we're just looking to upgrade. The Cisco rep at CDW recommended a 2504 Wireless controller and newer model Access points. I couldn't find online how to configure this 2504 do do this and we have one at another client and I couldn't find it on theirs either. So I called Cisco direct and their sales guy said it couldn't be done. I found this article that seems to talk about what I want to do but my cisco knowledge isn't great so I thought I'd ask here. Can this be done? ALso it says this requires a Cisco Catalyst Supervisor 720 or later, what is that?  Thank You

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7.4 controller code has a QoS

7.4 controller code has a QoS feature to limit per user bandwidth by WLAN.  The 2504 will run 7.4, BUT my spare 2504 does not support this feature, at least not at code.

I don't have the Cisco catalog memorized, but you're probably looking at a 5508 controller for this feature.

The Sup 720 is a blade to go in a 6500 series chassis.  Pricey & overkill for what you're asking.

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CDW recommended the 5508, and

CDW recommended the 5508, and I was just looking at the specs. SO you're saying I can accomplish this without this Sup 720?

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Yes.  The Sup 720 is a

Yes.  The Sup 720 is a prerequisite if you're also running a WiSM-2 blade in a 6500 chassis.  5508 is a stand alone 1RU appliance that you cable to a switch.

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So you're saying we can set

So you're saying we can set up the the Bi Directional Rate Limit as they call it with just the WLC and Access Points I don't need this Sup 720?

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Yup.You don't need the Sup


You don't need the Sup 720 unless you're using a WiSM (WLC on a blade).

When I set a 1024Kb down & 512Kb up per user limit on a 5508's guest WLAN, there wasn't enough cheese in Wisconsin to go with all the whine.


you will find complete

you will find complete information and step by step configuration at the link given


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Hi,Yes the document link


Yes the document link which you have, is right guidance about the deployment of your case, you can limit the bandwidth per user by deploying these network entities as mention in the document.


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