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Wireless VPN Reauthentication

Cisco 4100 Controller running has been setup for authenticating Microsoft L2TP/VPN Clients with Preshare keys.

Layer3 L2TP, HMAC-MD5, 1024 bit and

SA lifetime 57600 has been configured on the Controller.

The client connections drop out - (has to be reauthenticated) after 30 minutes.

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Re: Wireless VPN Reauthentication

If you are using Intel clients, what version of drivers are they on? Intel clients need to use the latest drivers.

Try changing the 'User Idle Timeout' and 'ARP Timeout' in the controller to a higher value or else try upgrading the Controller software to the latest version

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Re: Wireless VPN Reauthentication


Thanks for your message. The drivers on the Intel wireless card are the latest 10.3.3 and our customers are using a combination of Intel, Broadcom and Atheros Chipsets.I have tried increasing the SA time to the maximum which is 96 hrs but the connections drop out after 2 hours.I have also to upgrade the Controller firmware but the upgrade does not support L2TP(supports only IPSec).So we are now trying using Cisco IPSec VPN Clients.Cisco IPSec works fine but we are yet to configure Radius Server Authentication(CSACS 3.2).Please let me know if you have set up Cisco IPSec VPN Clients with CSACS

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