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WiSM Redundance


I have more tha 400 AP, which I administrate (hope so) through 2 WiSM Modules in one catalyst 6500, I have two more WiSM in another 6500 for redundance in case of failure.

Well my question is how to make redundance work, I already configure the primary, secondary and tertiary WiSM. The APs register succesfully with the WiSM I want, but when I take the WiSM out of work, the APs do not register by the secondary WiSM, they register with other WiSM that I even specified. What can I do.

(AP Fallback is already enable)

Thank you for your time and wish you a merry christmas


Cisco Employee

Re: WiSM Redundance

Hi Fernando,

Are all of the controllers configured as mobility group members under each respective controller? In the GUI, click on

Controller->Mobility Groups

All of the controllers need to be defined under the same mobility group.

Also, are the controllers all using the same virtual ip address (typically

Merry Christmas to you as well.


Community Member

Re: WiSM Redundance

Yes they are on the same mobility group and using the virtual ip address



Cisco Employee

Re: WiSM Redundance

It could be a number of things. Do the 'debug lwapp events enable' and 'debug pm pki enable' show anything on the controller to which you want the APs to join?



Community Member

Re: WiSM Redundance


On the field Controller Name, I wrote the Ip Address of the controller instead of the Name.

Bad error from me.


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Re: WiSM Redundance


please can you help me to solve this problem :

- We have 4402 series Wireless Controller, and ACS SE 1116 hardware appliance.

- Authentication between ACS & Wireless Controller is PEAP.

- ACS is integrated with Active Directory using Remote Agent.

- Up to this level everything is working perfect.

- Customer asked to use Digital Certificates for authentication between client and ACS.

- We have created self generated certificate on the ACS & installed it on a client Laptop.

- The problem is that still any client can access using the username and password of the Active Directory (authentication is happening without & with certificate).

- Customer is requesting that clients should access ONLY using certificates (mandatory).

the system is work very good

but this is the problem. we need to make the client connected with username and password but with the certificate .

please advice

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