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WiSM to ACS communication problem

Just starting to test this out and configure everything. ACS is setup with the controllers and my test user. Using LEAP (802.1x). From the controller I can ping my ACS box and ping my access point. From the vlan that the access point is configured on I can ping to my ACS box. When I go to authenticate it fails. Check the failed attempts in ACS and there is no entry, which makes me think I'm not even hitting the box. Was thinking of putting a sniffer behind the ACS box, but will I see anything? Or will it be all encrypted? If there is anything I need to post here to get more help let me know. Thanks in advance.

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Re: WiSM to ACS communication problem

Also, when I take off the security. I connect and can ping everywhere with no problems. One more thing that has me a bit confused is that with the controller set to broadcast the SSID in the WLAN it won't broadcast.... atleast not that I'm seeing. Thanks again.

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