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WLC 2106 and iPhones

Just recently I am having issues with my WLC 2106 WiFi network and iPhones.  For the past week, the iPhones have been locking up the network much like as it was described with the ARP issues with the exception that what I have been reading, this issue did not effect the 2100 series.

I've done searches but have not found anything applicable to what is happening now.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

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Re: WLC 2106 and iPhones

Hi Andrew,

apart from someone having iphones and 2106, not sure if people can help you without more information. can you tell us which version of software you have ? Can you collect a "debug client " showing the issue ?

Maybe it's linked with the iphone going to sleep mode ?



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Re: WLC 2106 and iPhones

It's running on v.  Right now I'm controlling who is accessing the wifi via MAC filter to prevent anyone with an iphone to log on but that just doesn't cut it since there's a lot of visitors coming in to use the wifi.

I won't be able to go in and do more testing for a week or two to get that debug log.

But this seems to be a common issue with at least the 2106s.  As soon as anyone logs in with an iphone, the controller locks up and the only thing to do is reboot.  It only fairly recently started happening so maybe it's only with the newer iphones?

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Re: WLC 2106 and iPhones

We experience the same here. It is a reproducable netwock lockout after the iPhone connects to the WLAN. The only chance to revive the net is a reboot of the WLC-2106.

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Re: WLC 2106 and iPhones

Resolved by upgrading to  Thanks for Cisco Support Team Frederico and David for helping me with this.

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