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Wlc 4402 and 1010 Aps


I have 2 vlans (wired-side) in my corporation: the first one for Data (vlan 1, native) and the second one for voice (vlan 2). We've just get a wlc 4402 with 1010 Aps and I would like to know one thing:

Could I create 2 Ssids(one for voice and another for Data) and map each one to its wired Vlan?.

Does the 1010 Ap support 802.1q?

Thanks in advance for your help


Re: Wlc 4402 and 1010 Aps

The 1010 aps connect to the switches as hosts

(switchport mode access; switchport access vlan ...)

The controller has 2 ports that connect to the network as trunks. You can connect them as port 1 and 2, or put them in a lag group [aka etherchannel)

All the vlan trunking is done at the controller port to switch port. The AP sends the info down to the controller over the vlan specified for the aps

In your case, you should create another vlan for the APS.

The 4402 controller mgmt interface would sit in the same vlan as the APs. You would then create dynamic interfaces on the controller that have a vlan id and ip address for the desired network per your needs. You would then create a wlan on the controller and then bind it to the dynamic interface you just created.

I am oversimplfying this process quite a bit, but it should get you started. There is now a good bit of info on for the wireless products

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