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wlc 4402 errors when trying to join ap


I have a wlc 4402 controller with software version

now i have problems adding 1131 aps to my controller.

in the pas i added 15 access points (withouts problems) but

now doesn't seems to work anymore.

here's what i got from controller when trying to join

*Nov 11 12:24:37.739: %LWAPP-3-RADIUS_ERR: spam_radius.c:138 Could not send join reply, AP authorization failed; AP:00:13:c4:93:c1:58

here's what i got on the AP (console cable on my pc when booting)

%LWAPP-3-CLIENTERRORLOG: LWAPP Crypto Init (SSC): no certs in the SSC Private File

Got an idea on this ?

thanks for help


Re: wlc 4402 errors when trying to join ap

Was the AP in automatic mode before? Did you copy the LWAPP recovery image to the AP using tftp?

All APs manufactured before 2005 or 2006 do not have MIC (manfacture install MIC) installed. You need to use LWAPP conversion tool to convert the AP to LWAPP/CAPWAP; so that the conversion tool will install SSC (Self Signed Certificates) to build the encrypt the LWAPP/CAPWAP control traffic:

As LWAPP discovery image is already there, you need to convert the AP back to autonomous mode and use LWAPP conversion tool to conver the AP:

I hope that the mode button is not disable on the AP. if it does, I hope that the break key is not disable. If both the mode button and break key are disable, you need to RMA the AP.

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Re: wlc 4402 errors when trying to join ap

i found that i can add an AP to the controller with ssc certificate and mac address.

it worked it has joined the controller.

but never had to do this before with my other access Point....

i mean that was always plug and play.

what happened ? these are new access point

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Re: wlc 4402 errors when trying to join ap

the below link will provide the reason... may be u are hitting one amoung them.. (Background info)



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