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WLC 4402- wireless clients keeps re-authenticating every 10mins


I recently encountered this problem with a new installation that was done at a customer. There are two 4402 wlc and 1141n waps. Radius server IAS 2003 is used.

At first every 1/2 hr or so the connection would re-authenticate and the users would loose connection to remote software however after a couple of days the connection started doing this for every ten minutes. When i checked the session timeout set on the wlc it was set for half hour and when i did a debug on the client and show detail on the mac the info showed that re-auth timer plus the connection timer was set to 10minutes. Only after I manually disconnected the session and re-connected then the re-auth timers went to the 1/2 hr set. Any ideas why this might be happening.

I disabled the session timeout which sets the re-auth for 24hrs but again when i checked the reauth is counting down once the client remains connected. When the client goes on standby and reconnects the re-authen timer is decreased so I am not sure if this is counting down once the connection is not manually disconnected.

I just want to have a better idea how it works because the customer is due to go into production from next week.

Also everytime the connects de-auth-re-auth the event viewer for the IAS server shows an ldap connection established and all clients connected.

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Re: WLC 4402- wireless clients keeps re-authenticating every 10m

i think we have the same problem, actually check out my thread i just started > and on a side note, a temp fix i have found is that if you keep a streaming readio on the background always ON, like then the connection doesn't drop every 10 minutes or so, still disconnects but usually lasts 3-4 hours. not much but better than nothing.

im not able to go into the router settings since im just a guest on this wlan and not the sys admin but i do believe it has something to do with windows 7 as i have this problem only on a win 7 machine. on a win xp machine works pretty good. on the win 7 one the quality of the connection also gets worse with time sometimes. so i have to reconnect....


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Re: WLC 4402- wireless clients keeps re-authenticating every 10m

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