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WLC 4404 - Not able to see the 802.11a/n AP summary details

Hi Friends,


I have a query related to wireless. I have multiple WLCs in my network. Recently I observed that in one WLC, in monitoring page while we checking the access point summary information, I can see in 802.11a/n Radios, 8 APs are down. And I tried to see those details by clicking the ‘detail’ option over there, but no result was displaying. Same I have checked in ‘Wireless’ tab as well but the result was same. We have total 69 APs associated with this WLC. AP Models which are associated with this WLC are AIR-LAP1231G-A-K9 & AIR-LAP1242AG-A-K9. Firmware version running in the WLC is which is recently upgraded.


Then I logged into multiple WLCs for checking the same. All these WLC are running with code. In some APs I am able to see some AP information which is down for 802.11a/n Radios, for eg: if I have 18 APs down in a/n radio I can see 7 AP’s details. But can’t able to see all the AP information. For 802.11b/g/n Radios it is perfectly fine. And in these WLCs we have AIR-LAP1262N-N-K9 model also associated.


And one thing I noticed here is the number of APs that I can see the details is exactly same as the number of AIR-LAP1262N-N-K9 model APs associated with that WLC.

So can anyone confirm that the other 2 models won’t support a/n radios (hardware limitation) or is it any kind of bug in the firmware.

My WLC models are AIR-WLC4404-100-K9 & WS-SVC-WISM-1-K9


Thanks in advance for your time and response




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Did you try and reboot the AP

Did you try and reboot the AP?  


I've seen this happen to me and the radios will recover when you reboot them.  

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Hi Leo, I am not able to

Hi Leo,


I am not able to identify the AP which are down for 802.11a/n radio :( (we are not using a/n radio in this location, that is why 8 out of 8 are showing down).

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