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WLC 4404 / QoS/ user bandwidth via radius


We have a problem concerning QoS and per-User-Bandwidth-Contracts. We use 1240 APs on 4404 WLCs with 3.2.50xx WLC Firmware.

Our goal is to arrange some users into different QoS-Classes (than the SSIDs default QoS-Class) depending on RADIUS-entries. It works for the QoS-Class itself, but the User-Bandwidth-Contracts of the classes are totally ignored.

F.e.: I define a testuser in Radius, who shall be assigned to WLC-interface X with QoS Level Y. This works with interface and QoS, but the controller uses always the User-Bandwidth-contract of the default QoS-Level which was assigned to the users SSID. But we want the controller to assign the bandwidth contracts of the RADIUS-assigned QoS Level.

Can someone confirm, that this generally works?

Option "AAA Override" is turned on on the interfaces.

Would be thankful for any advise.



Re: WLC 4404 / QoS/ user bandwidth via radius

When AAA Override is enabled, and a client has conflicting AAA and controller WLAN authentication parameters, client authentication is performed by the AAA server. As part of this authentication, the Operating System will move clients from the default Cisco WLAN Solution WLAN VLAN to a VLAN returned by the AAA server and predefined in the controller Interface configuration (only when configured for MAC filtering, 802.1X, and/or WPA operation). In all cases, the Operating System also uses QoS, DSCP, 802.1p priority tag values and ACLs provided by the AAA server, as long as they are predefined in the controller Interface configuration. (This VLAN switching by AAA Override is also referred to as Identity Networking.)

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Re: WLC 4404 / QoS/ user bandwidth via radius

Hmm, we already took your information into account. The users ARE moving with the new QoS value, but without the user contracts defined to this QoS level. Instead, clients still use user contracts which are assigned to the SSID they use.


Re: WLC 4404 / QoS/ user bandwidth via radius


Any updates on your query about the User Bandwidth Contracts moving with the QoS assignment? Does the RADIUS-based assignment allow the use of a single SSID for multiple QoS values? Is there perhaps a separate Airespace RADIUS VSA for the User Bandwidth Contract value?

Thanks PK,


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