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WLC/ACS connectivity problems

We are using WLC 4402 (version 5.0.148) with ACS 4.0 for mac-address filtering.

Our wireless clients seems to have problems with the connection. The clients loses connection after a while. This happens in location with 1 LWAPP or with multiple LWAPPs.

We had the same problem before when we were using 1200 AP's. The solution there was using local mac-address filter in the AP before ACS. (not most pratical but it worked).

Now we are thinking the connection lost on our clients are ACS related. In the logfile we don't see any error.

Has anybody experience with the same problem?

Are there thing we can try?

Or things to lookout for?

Can the problem be caused by anything else?

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Re: WLC/ACS connectivity problems

The following events are logged in the WLC:

22 Wed Sep 3 06:26:27 2008 Client Association: Client MAC:00:20:e0:58:xx:xx Base Radio MAC :00:12:d9:b3:02:c0 Slot: 0 User Name:unknown

23 Wed Sep 3 06:26:26 2008 Client Deauthenticated: MACAddress:00:20:e0:58:xx:xx Base Radio MAC:00:12:d9:b3:02:c0 Slot: 0 Reason:Unspecified ReasonCode: 1

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