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WLC and ACL's

How do ACL's work on the WLC?

I am using 4.X ver of software for the WLC with LWAPP APs, like there is any other way.

I have a guest VLAN setup and when I apply an ACL to it, it stops responding. I would think that that ACLs work like ACLs, but that is not the case...and of course, the documentation lacks.

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Re: WLC and ACL's

I've used ACLs no problem - what do you mean by 'stops responding'?

You may be blocking some important traffic....


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Re: WLC and ACL's

I have applied an acl that allows access to one server as well as ICMP. When I apply it to the guest VLAN, I have connectivity issues. As in I cannot access the servers to which I gave explicit permission to access.

When I remove the ACL, I can connect to the remote servers.

I finally decided that a ACL on the WLC was not the way to go as I could not find supporting docos on the WLC 4.X software. So, I applied VACLs to the VLAN for the Guest WLAN and it works.


Re: WLC and ACL's

For what it is worth, when we were in the Cisco class for the WCS/WLC, the instructor strongly discouraged the use of ACLs in the WLC. It bogged down the WLC and could be done much more efficiently in the ethernet data switch (in terms of performance).


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