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WLC and guest wifi via Sqiud proxy (wpad issue)


I've got a guest network setup on my WLC4404 and 5508 that allows guest to log into a wifi internet connection by just entering an email address.  The WLC does this out of the box and it does it well.

I'm having problems with the squid proxy that I have on the other side of the WLC.  I know this is not a cisco fault, but I'm sure others on here will have had similar issues.  The network is limited to pt 80 and 443 and the content is subject to filtering to prevent access to any porn or gambling and whatnot.

When a user logs in, they get an IP address from the squid proxy and they should also get wpad information from the same box.  It looks as if users can browse to websites without changing a thing in their browser settings, but it all fails when they try and use https pages.  In IE a user can select 'automatically detect settings' and this seems to get round the issue, but users on Firefox cannot get round the problem as easily and need to type the proxy and port into the settings on the browser - I don't want them to have to do this.

I read that IE can handle wpad over dhcp, but firefox has to handle it via DNS (the squid box is also DNS for these clients), and I think I've set this up but with no good results.

Has anyone got some good, clean examples of working WPAD setup using DNS and DHCP that will cause the minimum of fuss to a guest user.  At the most I want them to need to select to auto detect settings.

Thanks for any advice in advance,

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