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WLC Auto Provisioning on WCS 7.0.164

Hi Guys,

I have been trying the WLC Auto Provisioning on WCS 7.0.164 but have no luck. Haven't tried on the other WCS version.

Here's what I did:

1. Use the service-port for Auto Provisioning from a factory reset WLC 4404. Sevice port subnet has DHCP with option 150 enabled. Option 150 points to the WCS ip address.

2. One normal port connects to the uplink switch port with trunk and port channel enabled.

3. Create a Config Group without any controller selected. Some templates have been added.

4. Create a Auto Provisioning Filter, using the WLC serial no (also tried mac address), and the Config Group from above. Set LAG mode, with correct VLAN tag ID.

Here's what I get so far:

1. Service-port gets a DHCP IP address. WLC enters auto config mode. It gets the TFTP server address. It gets its configuration file from WCS, applies and resets itself.

2. WLC boots up without a error, enters into the login mode (console)

3. But WCS doesn't see the WLC. It's not registered. Filter status shows "Not Applied" (prompts "Initialized") with all the correct IP addresses on different interfaces, but no Country Code, Mobility Group, although they are set in the template. I can ping its service port and management ip address. Telnet/SSH has response but no username password works.

4. Also tried add the controller in manually from WCS but prompts possible wrong username and password or SNMP credential. SNMP has been specified for the WLC with default or specific RW community.

Can any one please shred a light? Thanks a lot.


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