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WLC Guest Wired Redundancy

Is it possible to have WLC redundancy through wired guest interfaces?  We have two WLC anchors and I want to use them both for wired guests.  If they are both setup on the same wired guest VLAN will this work?


Re: WLC Guest Wired Redundancy

Yes, in 5.2 and later code, we support multiple anchors for both wired and wireless guest.  You just need to confiigure the WLAN to be anchored to both of the WLC.

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Re: WLC Guest Wired Redundancy

Im trying to understand the redundancy for a L2 wired guest.  If a WLC fails in a wireless environment the AP can rehome to another WLC and the user is unaware.  How does this process work for a L2 wired guest?  How can 2 WLC be 'bridging' the same wired guest?  What makes the decision on which WLC responds to the wired users response?

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Re: WLC Guest Wired Redundancy

They cannot.

The "ingress" interface is the one that is capturing wired guest traffic (so your switchports have to be configured for that vlan). It has to be different on all controllers.

What Stephen was raising is that anchors are not counted in this rule because they don't have ingress interfaces ...

When you anchor a wired guest wlan, the foreign WLC has the ingress and the anchor WLC has the egress. So you can have multiple anchors.

But every WLC having ingress interface should be in a different vlan.

The reason for this is that, WLCs can't synch on who will capture the wired client traffic and it becomes a mess if they all answer to the client.

Hope this clarifies.



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