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WLC guest wireless proxy script for Apple iPhone

I have guest wireless setup on a 4402 WLC. I am using a wpad.dat (proxy.pac) proxy auto-config script to ensure guest traffic passes through a proxy. After a few attempts at creating a working proxy.pac file, Cisco TAC provided one that worked successfully for IE and Firefox (I realise only IE is offically supported by the WLC however my issue is not with an issue of browser-WLC compatibility).

I am after a proxy.pac proxy auto-config file that will work with Apple iPhone Safari browser (the script below does not). Manually specifying the proxy is not an option as Sarafi on the iPhone does not allow "proxy exceptions" to be specified.

The script I use which works fine with IE and Firefox is below:


function FindProxyForURL(url, host)


// variable strings to return

var proxy_yes = "PROXY";

var proxy_no = "DIRECT";

if (shExpMatch(url, "*")) { return proxy_no; }

if (shExpMatch(url, "*")) { return proxy_no; }

// Proxy anything else

return proxy_yes;




Re: WLC guest wireless proxy script for Apple iPhone

Here is the Deployment Guide for Cisco Guest Access Using the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller, Release 4.0

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Re: WLC guest wireless proxy script for Apple iPhone

Could you suggest how this is of benefit with no mention of proxies within it?

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