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WLC - Rate-limiting with QoS Roles

We have a large number of locations that we would like to deploy the 2100 series wireless controllers. Among other things, we would like to provide generic rate-limiting to all users(per-user bandwidth limits). This is a hospitality guest access environment and content filtering is really not a concern. We would, however, like to prevent one or a few users from saturating the circuit at the expense of other users. It looks like the WLCs can handle this with a QoS Profile assigned to the guest wlan and bandwidth-limiting QoS Roles applied to each user. The issue we may run into is web-authentication needs to be disabled. There is another device on these locations that will be providing those services.

Is it possible to apply a QoS Role by default to all users who associate to a controller without authentication? Also, if anyone has attempted this design model I would greatly appreciate some input on any unexpected or undesirable results you may have noticed.

I appreciate everyones help.


Re: WLC - Rate-limiting with QoS Roles

Per-user bandwidth contracts are setup by the QOS profile, as you mentioned.

Any WLAN (regardless of authentication method) that is assigned to that QOS profile should have the contract applied to each user of that wlan.

Typically I see Bronze configured with the contracts, and then bronze is assigned to the guest wlan.

If you want every user to be limited, you could probably do it on the silver profile and confim silver is applied to all wlans.

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Re: WLC - Rate-limiting with QoS Roles

Thanks so much for such a quick response. I may be misunderstanding some of the documentation and would really appreciate some clarity. I am understanding a QoS Profile to be applied to one or more WLANs and all user traffic from clients of those WLANs will fall under the qos policy as a group(bandwidth limitations would be applied to all of the user traffic combined). For example, a profile capping downstream bandwidth at 1544kbps would limit all user traffic from all of the clients associated to that ssid at 1544kbps. If we were to assume some degree of fair bandwidth distribution and there are 10 users receiving traffic at a given time, then each user would receive no more than 154.4kbps. Or, are QoS Profiles actual templates that are applied to each user that associates to that ssid? For instance, if we consider a profile capping 1544kbps downstream applied to a WLAN with 10 users associated. Each user would be able to download up to 1544kbps and the full bandwidth usage for that WLAN would be 15440kbps.

Thanks again for your help.


Re: WLC - Rate-limiting with QoS Roles

The latter is correct. It is "per-user" bandwidth contracts.   So every user is individually limited to the values you specify.

There is no way on the controller (as far as I know) to set a maximum bandwidth for the entire wlan.

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Re: WLC - Rate-limiting with QoS Roles

I thought the 2100 series does not support QoS per-user bandwidth contracts?....

Were you able to successfully implement this solution using the 2100?