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WLC Web Page LDAP Search Filter

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a way to write LDAP search filters on the WLC?  I can easily search OU's, etc and have that working A-Ok.  However, I'd like to query the whole organization structure with a search filter that only allows certain users that have a certain group membership.  We are using LDAP Services in Windows 2003 Server.   My issue is that I only want members with a certain group membership to be able to authenticate through the webpage.  I don't want to have to create a new OU, make new users or move users to that OU, etc.  I'd like to just create a group, assign the users to the group, and then write a search filter to look for that group name when the LDAP query occurs on the username/password.  Has anyone accomplished anything like this with the WLC?  We do it all the time with other LDAP queries to Server 2003 but, there dosn't seem to be any search filter functionality here to limit these guys based upon groups.  Ideas appreciated!



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