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WLC2125 users getting disconnected


I m facing an issue with one of my customer site, currently they are using WLC2125  along with near to 20 LAP. they have almost 300 Number of users/end points in their network. While some of the users are trying to connect, they are getting rejected or not connecting. At the same time some other users are frequently loosing the connection even though they are very near to the LAP. Intermediatly this issue is happening, even though some areas only have maximum 10 number of users under 1 LAP.

I also like to know maximum how many number of device can be handled by this particular model WLC

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Too many variables to mention

Too many variables to mention: 1. What is your uplink speed? 10/100/1000 Mbps? 2. What radio and what data rates are enabled? 3. How noisy (wifi) is the environment? 4. Wireless NIC drivers and compatibility issues? 5. Distance from the AP? 6. What kind of traffic? Email, web, chat, HD video streaming? Rule of thumb is 25 wireless clients per AP. The number can fluctuate base on some of the variables mentioned above.
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