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WLC5508 does not work with WIN2008 Radius server

This is strange.

Can someone give me some advises, why my new WIN2008 Radius server can work fine with my ASA, but not my WC5508?

My WLC 5508(runing on ver 6) works well with a WIN2003 Radius server for wireless users authentication. Recently, our IT team built another Radius server on WIN2008. They replicated all Radius settings and passwords. And the new WIN2008 Radius server works fine with my ASA Firewalls for VPN users authentication. But, the WLC5508 just doesn't work with the WIN2008 Radius server, it always gave me 'Authentication failed' message when we tested it. We tried many things, checked setting details many times to make sure they match, but jsut cannot make it working.

What I should do now?


Thanks a lot.

Community Member

I am assuming that you were

I am assuming that you were able to get the new shared secret added between the controller and the radius server with your description. 



  Did you get the radius server changed in the WLAN/SSID settings to point to the new radius address?

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Yes, I did.  And that when I

Yes, I did.  And that when I got the 'authentication failed' messages.

Community Member

Anyone? Please help!We pretty

Anyone? Please help!

We pretty much have tried every thing, but just cannot make the 5508 work with the new WIN2008 radius server, where my ASA just loves the new radius server.  Could it be a bug on 5508?

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