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WLSE Express Self Signed Cert

Does anyone know how to download the self signed cert from a WLSE Express 1030? I have PEAP setup and have Win XP clients up and running. But I also have wireless scanners running Pocket PC, they have an options for PEAP but do not work. The vendor suggested installing the cert manually into the PPC. Any thoughts or suggestions?



Re: WLSE Express Self Signed Cert

Currently there is no way to manually download the certificate that I know of. I am checking into if the AAA server in the 1030 should be allowing the client to download the certificate on connection though.

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Re: WLSE Express Self Signed Cert

TAC mentioned that the cert should be downloaded upon connection. I assumed this is happening since I have laptops working fine. But again the Pocket PC vendor said that in his experience has been that the PPC does not always do this well. Hence installing manually is what is suggested.



Re: WLSE Express Self Signed Cert

Clarification from development:

When the AAA server on the WLSE generates

the self-signed certificate, it creates only the server-side cert, no client certificate that could be installed on clients. As you probably noticed, there is also no (GUI or CLI) way to download any certificates from the server.

You can, however, create self-signed certificates (both server and client side) externally, e.g. using the CA in Windows Server or OpenSSL, and then upload the server-side certificate to the WLSE-Express. They will automatically be stored in the correct directory.

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