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WPA 1200 AP set-up

When using a client card set-up with WPA and being authenticated by an EAP-TLS server do you need to set-up anything between the AP1200 and the server. I have set-up a LEAP server and you need a shared secret etc. but i cant tell from the configuration docs whether you need this with the WPA set-up.

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Re: WPA 1200 AP set-up

The AP would have to be configured with the EAP-TLS server IP address (they communicate via RADIUS). Supplicant (client) attempts connection via the AP, AP blocks, sends client EAP-IdentityRequest message, blocks until the EAP-TLS process (certificate exchange) completes between Auth Server and Supplicant, Auth Server sends EAP-Accept message to AP, AP closes circuit (802.1x virtual port) to allow verified-client to connect to network... away you go

Hope that helps.


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Re: WPA 1200 AP set-up

Cheers Eric i appreciate yor response.

I think i'm nearly there now.

I have enabled EAP-TLS on my win2Kpro client with certificates etc. and i am using the latest ACU (version 6.2) Access Point is set-up to do EAP (BUT NOT LEAP) but i cannot authenticate. I am monitoring the session with AIRMAGNET but cannot see any 802.1x frames. Any ideas would be appreciated. cheers Pete Elms

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Re: WPA 1200 AP set-up

What does your AP config look like? Remember to take out the passwords/IP's/etc.


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