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WPA2 Enterprise setup question

I have been trying to complete a WPA2 Enterprise setup, and I have hit a wall in troubleshooting. The current setup has two SSIDs, but the users only use one of these SSIDs, and that one is setup as WEP (I know...I know). I have been tasked with getting the users on a stronger security setup, and I thought that the best way would be to have them use WPA2 Enterprise, and they would authenticate to the network using their Active Directory user name and password. 

I have been trying to get the secondary SSID converted over to do this, but I am stuck. I have setup the access point (Cisco 1140) the way that I believe should work, and I have also went through the Radius server (Microsoft Server 2008 R2) and set it up with some suggestions I have ran while researching.

I am hoping someone can see what I am doing wrong, or guide me to setup a more secure connection. My networking/Cisco skills are intermediate so there are things that I miss or could improve on at times. 

I am attaching the config on the access point, and some screen shots off of our Radius server.

The radius server is

SSID that I am trying to configure is AAA

AP IP address

Please let me know if there is any information that I am missing. I will get it to you right away.

Edit - One thing I didn't include was that we don't have a certificate for this. Preferably I would like to set this up without a cert, and just have them authenticate with the user/pass from AD. If a cert is needed though, I can get one. Thanks :)



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Hi Brent,Here is a working

Hi Brent,

Here is a working configuration for similar requirement using ACS as RADIUS server. Hope it is useful for you to get this working.

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Thank you for getting me this

Thank you for getting me this information. I will test it out and let you know how it goes. 

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