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yet another PEAP question...non-Cisco cards...

So, we are about to embark on building a wireless network infrastructure using 1220 AP's. So far all wireless clients use Cisco cards and Win2k.

People are interested in all sorts of wireless devices now, some including built in wireless nics or no pci or pcmcia card slots.

We have ACS 3.1.1. Can we use PEAP in our situation with a client using say a Compaq tablet PC with an integrated NIC? Or, how about a desktop PC running Win2k using something other than a Cisco card? If so, what are the required pieces? PEAP supplicants? etc?


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Re: yet another PEAP question...non-Cisco cards...

Hi ,

In short answer is

a) If ACS supports eap-chap ( which microsoft supports ) , you can use

non cisco card with microsoft supplicant and will work fine

I believe acs 3.2 will support is , I am not sure on acs3.1.1

b) You can buy 3rd party supplicant like meeting house etc and can use

non cisco card

PEAP is hybrid process ( combination of leap and eap tls )

To download server side certificate on ACS you can use eap tls doc.

Depending on AP use either of following doc

You have to careful while selecting the client supplicant , you can choose Cisco peap supplicant or Microsoft peap supplicant

You can have Microsoft peap supplicant or Cisco Peap supplicant .

If you have windows 2000 OS , than if you load service pack3 , Microsoft peap supplicant is installed . On top of this if you install ACU 5.05 microsoft supplicant wil be overwritten by Cisco supplicant .

In case of XP , if you install service pack 1 , it will install microsoft peap supplicant , if you install ACU 5.05 it will be overwriteen by Cisco Peap supplicant .

Microsoft peap supplicant send eap-Chap in EAP tunnel and Cisco support EAP-GTC in eap tunnel .

with non cisco card it depends on which radius server and database you are running .

At present ACS 3.1 supports EAP-GTC so it will not interoperate with Microsoft supllicant . In later release ACS will have support for EAP-Chap so

that you can use 3rd party card with Microsoft supplicant and ACS3.2


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Re: yet another PEAP question...non-Cisco cards...

I think you're going to have to wait until the WPA (Wireless Protected Access) standard is available before you can use non-Cisco cards in a PEAP environment.

RE: tablet: Compaq just released a new wireless configuration manager on their web site that you might also look into -- look for a software update that has Odyssey as it's name.

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Re: yet another PEAP question...non-Cisco cards...

PEAP is hit or miss, most often miss. We downloaded the Odyssey Funk software client for a Compaq using XP and LEAP and we were fine until we roamed. Roaming time was terrible, 2 to 3 minutes. The Odyssey software was supposed to be version 2 but it was really 1.1. How does one get PEAP to work on XP with a Cisco ACS 3.2 RADIUS server without using a client side cert?

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