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A brief explanation of IPS software naming conventions

Image Purposes

Signature Updates - used to update the signature level on the IPS
ex. IPS-sig-S392-req-E3.pkg

Recovery images - used for the recovery partition
ex. IPS-K9-r-1.1-a-5.0-1.pkg

System software - used to re-image the application partition
ex. IPS-4240-K9-sys-1.1-a-5.0-1.img

System software upgrade - used to upgrade the application partition
ex. IPS-K9-maj-5.0-1e-S149.rpm.pkg

System software patches - used to patch the application partition
ex. IPS-K9-patch-6.0-5p1-E3.pkg

System software ISOs - used to re-image the entire device (only applicable for those old IPS's with CD-ROM drives
ex. IPS-K9-cd-1.1-a-6.0-1-E1.iso


E3 means Engine Update 3

r means recovery partition

a means application partition

req means requires

maj means major update

cd means that you can create a cd from this ISO

p1/patch means patch 1

sys means system software

S# means signature level #

e means an update to that version. (ie. 5.0-1e is the next iteration of 5.0-1. There was a 5.0-1a, 5.0-1b, etc)