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A security hole in the WRVS4400N v1.1

I have a small network at my house that uses the WRVS4400n. I thought, after much research, it would handle all the workload for some time and give me control over the network. Mainly the times that people could use the internet. My childern have found a small hole in the Firewall>IP Based ICL. They have found that if they have something streaming, it will not close out the connections at the times set. In addition, if they have Yahoo voice running it will close the voice portion of the program and leave the messenger up.

I have only found one way to this date of fixing the problem. At 12:05 every night, my system gets turned off and back on at 12:10. This will not allow them to start the connection for anything after that time. The one thing that does bother me is that for those 5 minutes, I have no phone. The powering off is done via a heavy duty digtal timer.

Things I have tried all adding my own Service Managment in to block all. To setting many of the blocks a minute apart to close programs.

Each of the computers has a static IP.