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ACS 5.1 Setting up Tacacs Authen & Authorization.ppt

Steps to configure Tacacs Authentication and Authorization for Admin and non-admin users on ACS 5.1

Admin user will login straight to enable mode

Non-admin user will login to user mode and has to provide enable password. Once in we allowed to execute only "show" commands.

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New Member

Hi There,

The slide pack has helped me get started with setting up an ACS installation from scratch on a 1120 applaince.  The original recovery DVD wa slost so I downloaded the new ISO.  At the moment I have been able to set up the same policy sections that you have but I can't seem to find a way of attaching the 'allow all command set' to teh Priv 15 users.  On your slide 10 I do not get the option of a command sets window in the results section.

Hope you can point me in the right direction.


Cefyn Arch

Cisco Employee

Press "Customize" and then select "Command Sets" as one of the results

New Member

I must be missing a setting.  When my admin with priv 15 login, they still must go to enable and enter their password again.  I have the default level set to 15.

Is there something that I am missing?

New Member

This document is of great help. I am also trying to implement privelege levels for L1, L2 and L3 users. I want to know, can I implements Privlege levels 3,4,7 levels as well.