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ACS 5.x setting radius VSA for packeteer

> Create a new VSA for Bluecoat with vendor ID 2334.  Under "system configuration -> Dictionaries -> Protocols -> Radius -> Radius VSA"

> Create a sub-attribute "Packeteer-AVPair" for Bluecoat with Vendor attribute ID = 26 and Type "STRING"

> Create a Authorization Profile "Permit-access-test-RW" under Policy Elements and defined Radius attributes "access=touch"

> Assigned this authorization profile "permit-accss-test-RW" under Access Policy network access rule.

> Repeat the above procedure with different subattribute "Packeteer-PC-AVPair" and  an authorization profile 
"permit-access-test-RO"  define "access=look".


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New Member

I tried to authentication for Bluecoat device as your setting using ACS5.1. However, I could not be success login to the Bluecoat device. ACS log seems to be success but Bluecoat log is "Access Denied". Which part should we confirm? I really appreciate your support.