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ASA 55xx, AAA with radius - Privilege Lvl Issue

I have setup and allowed SSH Access to my ASA5520 device running v8.2.1.

I am pushing this off to my Radius server, a Windows 2008 Server running NPS to authenticate, Groups of Users.

I am getting successfull authentication but my Privilege Level is never set unlike my switches.

I keep finding ref to the Line below as i replacement to the shell:priv-lvl=15 cmd used on Switches, but I can not find how to achieve this.

RADIUS users—Configure the user with Cisco VSA CVPN3000-Privilege-Level with a value between 0 and 15

Does anyone know how to achieve this via Windows 2008 and what the Custom attribute must be ?

Thanks for your help.

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I have same issue like you had.

Did you find solution?