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ASA - Botnet Configuration



This configuration example is meant to be interpreted with the aid of the official documentation from the configuration guide located here:


Malware is malicious software that is installed on an unknowing host. Malware that attempts network activity such as sending private data (passwords, credit card numbers, key strokes, or proprietary data) can be detected by the Botnet Traffic Filter when the malware starts a connection to a known bad IP address. The Botnet Traffic Filter checks incoming and outgoing connections against a dynamic database of known bad domain names and IP addresses (the blacklist), and then logs or blocks any suspicious activity.


The ASA must be running minimum 8.2 code to be able to configure botnet feature.

ASA-5505# sh ver


Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.2(1)
Device Manager Version 6.2(5)



Enable ASA use of a DNS server

"Configuring the DNS Server"


Botnet license must be installed on the ASA

ASA-5505# sh ver


Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.2(1)
Device Manager Version 6.2(5)


Botnet Traffic Filter        : Enabled


Once license expires filtering will not work until license is renewed.


  • Supported in single and multiple context mode.
  • Supported in routed and transparent firewall mode.
  • Botnet Traffic Filter does not share any information between Failover pairs.
  • TCP DNS traffic is not supported.
  • Failovers or Reboots require a re-download of the Dynamic Database.
  • Currently there is no support for IPV6.

Step by Step Configuration


1. Enable DNS client on ASA

This steps is required to allow it to resolve the address of CSIO's updater service, so the dynamic filter update client to fetch updates.


ASA(config)# dns domain-lookup outside
ASA(config)#dns server-group DefaultDNS


2. Enable dynamic traffic filtering (Botnet Traffic Filter).

ASA(config)#dynamic-filter updater-client enable


3. Enable the Botnet Traffic Filter database update.

ASA(config)#dynamic-filter use-database


4. Classify the traffic that will be exempted and subjected.

ASA(config)#access-list botnet-exclude extended deny ip any  ---> exempted traffic
ASA(config)#access-list botnet-exclude extended permit ip any any  ---> subjected traffic


5. Enable dynamic-filter classification on outside interface


ASA(config)#dynamic-filter enable interface outside classify-list botnet-exclude


6. Configure a class map and only match dns traffic

ASA(config)#class-map botnet-DNS
ASA(config-cmap)# match port udp eq domain



7. Enable DNS snooping on the external interface


ASA(config)# policy-map botnet-policy
ASA(config-pmap)# class botnet-DNS
ASA(config-pmap-c)# inspect dns dynamic-filter-snoop

ASA(config)# service-policy botnet-policy interface outside


Alternatively, you can also choose to apply this to the existing global policy that is already configured on the ASA.


class-map inspection_default
match default-inspection-traffic
policy-map global_policy
class inspection_default
  inspect dns dynamic-filter-snoop
service-policy global_policy global



8. Define local whitelists and/or blacklists if needed.

Never block addresses:

This is traffic to or from an IP address that is considered to be good. It is part of administrator configured lists.


ASA(config)# dynamic-filter whitelist
ASA(config-llist)# name
ASA(config-llist)# name

Manual Black List:

This is traffic to or from an IP address that is considered to be malicious. This IP address can be either an IP address/network entry in the dynamic blacklist or administrator configured blacklist, or it can be a snooped IP address that was found in a DNS reply for a blacklisted domain.


ASA(config)# dynamic-filter blacklist
ASA(config-llist)# name
ASA(config-llist)# name
ASA(config-llist)# address


Final Configuration Section:

dns domain-lookup outside
dns server-group DefaultDNS
dynamic-filter updater-client enable
dynamic-filter use-database


access-list botnet-exclude extended deny ip any
access-list botnet-exclude extended permit ip any any
dynamic-filter enable interface outside classify-list botnet-exclude


class-map botnet-DNS
match port udp eq domain
policy-map botnet-policy
class botnet-DNS
  inspect dns dynamic-filter-snoop
service-policy botnet-policy interface outside




338001 - 338004

338101 - 338104

338201 - 338204

338301 - 338310

Show commands

show dynamic-filter data

dynamic-filter database find <string>

show dynamic-filter reports top botnet-sites

show dynamic-filter reports top infected-hosts

show dynamic-filter reports top botnet-ports


clear dynamic-filter statistics
    The dynamic filter statistics can be cleared at any time with this command. To clear the statistics for a certain interface use the optional interface nameif keyword for the command.


clear dynamic-filter reports top [botnet-sites | botnet-ports | infected-hosts]
    This command will reset all statistics back to 0 and remove all entries from the reports.


clear dynamic-filter dns-snoop
    This command deletes all of the entries from the DNSRC. DNS reverse Cache Information.







New Member

Hii Poonguzhali,

i really find this documet useful  but currently i am facing a problem .... Hope you should be able to help me out on that .. i am currently using asa 5580-40 (8.3) which is deployed at our core. we have deployed our asa in a loop with a 7600 ... so that we can pass the interesting traffic through the asa and rest bypass the asa ... we are using vrf on the router to forward traffic ... In this scenario i am trying to enable dynamic botnet filtering on the asa for the interesting traffic .... my constraints are that , i am not in a position to expose either the asa or the router to the outside world ...... Hope i am able to explain you my problem and ask for possible solution/solutions on this to reach the update server ??

Cisco Employee

1. Enable DNS client on ASA

This steps is required to allow it to resolve the address of CSIO's updater service, so the dynamic filter update client to fetch updates.

The ASA should be able to reach the internet.  This is a requirement and not an option.


New Member

Hii Poonguzhali,

Thankyou for your HINT. Hint because not the ASA but the admin context in the ASA working on multiple context mode should be reachable to the internet... Unfortunately nowhere in your KB it is mentioned precisely that this thing should be kept in mind .... I tried with different contexts in the multiple context mode but it didnt worked .... At last i tried it with the admin context and it worked .... Unlike ironport where we do have the privilege to apply a device ip for its recognition ASA doesnt have this feature .... & also because of my limitations that i discussed earlier i had to find out a solution to this ....... Everything is working fine for me now and to a great extent i am relieved ..... So my request to you is to update the same in the KB.

Cisco Employee


Sorry about that.  I had no idea this was a multiple context ASA. The documentation link that I provided above, does have it listed as a pre-requisite. You can readd here:


New Member

Hi Poonguzhali,

I find your article very interesting and informative, I'm new in ASA I work for a small company, we just bought to ASA with security plus license and I want to enable botnet filtering.

My question is now that I have added the 2 ASAs in our Smarnet contract and have received the botnet filtering licenses from

Cisco, how do install the license to our ASAs?

Thanks in advance for your help.


New Member

Hii Will ,

On your ASDM panel go to System>Configuration > Device Management>Activation Key>New Activation Key ... Copy paste the key you received and hit Update Activation key at the bottom of the page ....  You will have to then save the configuration and restart ASDM .

Alternatively you can go to your system context to type    ASA(config)# activation-key ##########   and paste the activation key (#########)...... It would require a reload to take affect..... .... Hope that should solve your problem for now... Cheers!!

New Member

Hi Poonguzhali,

Do you know how to enable reports or notifications for the Botnet Traffic Filter directly from the ASA instead of the use of third-party Syslog program? Thanks.

New Member

Hii Edward,

Once implemented, you can go to your asdm page > Monitoring > Botnet traffic filter>Real time reports/Infected hosts to generate your report with the settings pre-defined... You cannot customize the fields though what is given should be adequate .. Hope that answers your question.

New Member

Dear KS,

I have configured the botnet and found that there are some malware infected hosts inside,however it shows me as permitted which infact should be blocked. Could you please advise what command required to configure the infected host to be blocked immediately instead of as permitted.


AD-xx-xx-FW1# show dynamic-filter reports infected-hosts all 
Total 1 infected-hosts in buffer
Host (interface)                        Latest malicious conn time, filter action  Conn logged, dropped
======================================================================================================= (inside)                    13:12:00 AST Mar 26 2014, permitted                  1      0
Malware-sites connected to (not ordered)
Site                                            Latest conn port, time, filter action   Conn logged, dropped Threat-level Category
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ()                               8193, 13:12:00 AST Mar 26 2014, permitted           1      0   very-high  Malware



New Member

Hi Poonguzhali,

What happens technically when the botnet license expires? Does the botnet function stop completely or only the updates?


Does the ASA generate any messages before the license expires?


Kind regards,


New Member

yes, you get a daily syslog trigger with a countdown.  Example:

Mar 16 2016 20:54:23: %ASA-4-444005: Timebased license key 0x12345 0x12345 0x12345 0x12345 0x12345 will expire in 341 days.

New Member


I have installed a Botnet traffic Filter on a ASA5505.

But this one is in transparent mode (IPv6 bridge), so IPv4 couln't be resolve from ASA itself !

How can we do make the Botnet functionnal (as the database URL is only resolvable in IPv4 !!!)?


New Member


We have ASA5515X and have Botnet configuration in place. We are observing regular tcp disconnects and session termination. Following mesage pops up in syslog:

Sep 19 2016 08:27:03 : %ASA-5-338303: Address (mail.ruic.rom) timed out. Removing rule

Could this be the work of botnet filtering, and how to rectify this?


New Member

HI All,

we are using ASA 5525 model, our botnet configuration is similar like your example configuration, i had renew the licence and activate also, but when i generate the report is nothing.