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Authorization is the concept of allowing access to resources only to those permitted to use them

Basic concept: "based off who you are - what are you allowed to do"

Once upon a time, AAA command authorization in Cisco IOS queried the TACACS+ server for every single command a user entered. Rules have changed drastically in the meantime (at least for IOS release 12.4):

  • Non-privileged show commands are executed without TACACS+ authorization. Privileged show commands (show running or show archive log config) are still authorized.
  • Some commands that can be executed in non-privileged (aka disable) mode (enable, disable, help, logout) are authorized only if you configure aaa authorization commands 0 methods regardless of the current privilege level.
  • Other commands (for example, ping) are authorized based on the current privilege level.

Complete Definition

Authorization: access control of resources utilizing your identity (from Authentication) and a set of groups/rule about what you are permitted (or denied) to do.

Wikipedia Definition Authorization

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