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Cannot obtain the IP address on the ASA running Cisco IOS 7.0 through DHCP

Core issue

This issue occurs when the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) does not send a DHCP discover packet at boot time to obtain an automatic DHCP IP address from the modem. Because of this, DHCP does not work properly.

This issue occurs under these conditions:

For further information, refer to Cisco bug ID CSCsd76384.

Note: This issue only occurs when the ASA is configured to be a DHCP client, and the unit is rebooted.


To resolve this issue, perform one of these three actions:

  1. See whether there is an IP address configured on the interface referenced in the management-access command.

  2. Disable the management-access command. Alternatively, every time the ASA boots up, go into the interface submode and issue the no ip address command followed by the ip address dhcp setroute command.

  3. Download and upgrade to Cisco IOS version 7.2(0.52) or later.