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CCA - Generating certificates for longer period using openssl

How to generate self-signed certificates for period longer than 90 days.

4.8 now issues self-signed certificates for 5 years!

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‎07-05-2010 02:12 PM
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New Member

Hi Faisal,

friend, I made everything that you detailed in your PDF and everything works fine, after the first time.

these instructions is fully helpful.

Thanks a lot.

New Member


please, i have a doubt about that certificate with openssl.

I could see on my old CAS on "X509 Certificate" tab that appears "ROOT CA Certificate" together with CCA Server certificate and private key but after I've generated a certificate with openssl my new CAS show me just CCA Server certificate and private key.

Why does root ca not appear?


for me SSL certificate is a litlle confuse, if you have any links to understand about it.

thanks a lot


Because the identity certificate (certificate for the device) is the root certificate itself! It's a true self-signed certificate, and hence doesn't list itself as a root.



New Member

Ok Faisal, thanks for you reply..

today i am trying to create a certificate from our microsoft server 2003 but without success!! do you know any material or guide that can I use to replace this certificate to microsoft certificate using NAC?

I was trying to export my certificate with my Private key and our server we try to use the webserver type but the 2003 server returns on *.cer file.

thanks a lot