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Cisco ASA 5540 IN and OUT problem

Recently I have a traffic denied problem with Cisco ASA 5540 after adding a new and only ACL " permit ip any any" at one of the "OUT" interface. All  interfaces on the ASA already have an exsiting ACL on the "in". Traffic was normal until that "harmless" rule was added in the "OUT" interface. Once that rule was remove, traffic flow was back to normal.

Can anyone help to advise on the possible cause of  this problem?

Perhaps we should not have ACL apply in the "IN" and "OUT" of the same interface??

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Cisco Employee


Please post your questions as a discussion instead of a document.

About this issue, can you explain a bit further as to what traffic was being denied? Was it working intemittently or completely denied. There should ideally not be any issues with inbound and outbound acls on an interface.