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Would it be possible to get clarification on 1. updates since Feb 2013 and 2. which options support what capabilities of https redirection and inspection?

Thank you in advance!


Exist any version of Cisco Cloud Web Security that no need ASA connector, ISR connector, WSA or AnyConnect?. A version to connect direct to the cloud only whit licencing?. Thank you

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Hello Ebonetto,

Hope you are doing good.

When no Cisco device is available, web traffic can still be redirected to the cloud through one of these methods:

–Browser proxy settings/hosted proxy auto configuration (PAC) for browser redirection
–Traffic forwarding on any other perimeter device that supports forwarding of web traffic via port 8080 or policy based routing, failover between two proxies, and exception handling

These methods are termed as "Direct To Tower" and we don't need any cisco device on the edge.

Additionally, you can use hosted configuraion (PAC file on the cloud) and Cloud based authentication with SAML/EasyID.

Additionally, if we need to just protect Mac & PCs, we can leverage AnyConnect Web Security module (no license/cisco edge device required in standalone mode) to connect to towers.




Thank you very much for your fast response.



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Just a small question about the "Direct to tower deployment": will the destination on the internet see my actual source ip address´or will it see the clouds ip as source?

I mean - are we talking about transparent mode or will the source ip be exchanged with the towers public ip address?

Can you help me with this?

Thanks :)

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CWS acts as a proxy server, so the destination web server will see the CWS Tower IP as the connection/client source IP.






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