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Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP)

Cisco CP is a valuable productivity enhancing tool for network administrators and channel partners for deploying routers with increased confidence and ease. It offers a one-click router lockdown and an innovative voice and security auditing capability to check and recommend changes to router configuration.

Cisco CP also monitors router status and troubleshoots WAN and VPN connectivity issues.Cisco CP Express is a light weight version of Cisco CP. You can use Cisco CP Express to configure basic security features on the router's LAN and WAN interfaces. Cisco CP Express is available on the router Flash memory.

Cisco Configuration Professional (Cisco CP) is a GUI based device management tool for Cisco access routers. This tool simplifies routing, firewall, IPS, VPN, unified communications, WAN and LAN configuration through GUI based easy-to-use wizards.

For Example, the following  document used Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) will help you to set up a Cisco IOS router to perform SSL VPN on a stick with Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.

AnyConnect VPN (SSL) Client on IOS Router with CCP Configuration Example

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New Member

I have used CCP and SDM many times over the years, some things are easier to do with this s/w than CLI

we now have new PCs and laptops. all are 64 bit and run xp Pro. Our security people do not allow us to use vista or win 7 (yet).

no matter which PC or laptop we used, CCP 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3 can't be installed. Looking on google, people state that CCP is not supported in 64 bit machine or xp.

well then, if this is true, how are we suppose to use the CCP s/w?

the number of 32 bit pc is going down, and many of us do not have the options of win 7 yet

please let us know if/when Cisco will support XP pro  and 64 bit machines.

- walter