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Cisco PIX Firewall Software 7.2


Supported Cisco PIX 500 series platforms:

  • PIX 515/515E
    • At least 64 MB of RAM for Restricted (R) licenses.
    • At least 128 MB of RAM for Unrestricted (UR) and Failover (FO) licenses.
  • PIX 525
  • PIX 535

All supported platforms must have at least 16 MB of flash memory.

The minimum software version required before performing an upgrade to PIX Version 7.1 is PIX Version 7.0.If the PIX is running a software version prior to PIX Version 6.2, it must first be upgraded to PIX Version 6.2 or PIX Version 6.3 before upgrading to PIX Version 7.0.

Maximum Recommended Configuration File Size:

  • 2 MB for PIX 525 and PIX 535
  • 1 MB for PIX 515/515E

New Features:

  • Application Inspection and Control
    • Enhanced ESMTP Inspection
    • DCERPC Inspection
    • Enhanced NetBIOS Inspection
    • Enhanced H.323 Inspection
    • Enhanced DNS Inspection
    • Enhanced FTP Inspection
    • Enhanced HTTP Inspection
    • Enhanced Skinny (SCCP) Inspection
    • Enhanced SIP Inspection
    • Instant Messaging (IM) Inspection
    • MPF-Based Regular Expression Classification Map
    • RADIUS and DIAMETER Accounting Inspection
    • GKRCS Support for H.323
    • Skinny Video Support
    • SIP IP (Internet Protocol) Address Privacy
  • Remote Access and Site-to-Site VPN
    • Network Admission Control
    • L2TP Over IPSec
    • OCSP Support
    • Active RIP Support
    • Multiple L2TP Over IPSec Clients Behind NAT
    • Nokia Mobile Authentication Support
    • Zonelabs Integrity Server
    • Hybrid XAUTH
    • IPSec Fragmentation and Reassembly Statistics
  • Network Integration
    • PPPoE Client
    • Dynamic DNS Support
    • Multicast Routing Enhancements
    • Private and Automatic MAC Address Assignments and Generation for Multiple Context Mode
    • Expanded DNS Domain Name Usage
  • Resiliency and Scalability
    • Sub-second Failover
    • Standby ISP Support
  • Other Enhancements
    • RTP/RTCP Inspection
    • Generic Input Rate Limiting
    • URL Filtering Enhancements for Secure Computing (N2H2)
    • Resource Management for Security Contexts
    • Authentication for Through Traffic and Management Access Supports All Servers Previously Supported for VPN Clients
    • Auto Update
    • Dead Connection Detection (DCD)
    • Configurable Prompt
    • Save All Context Configurations from the System
    • Intra-Interface Communication for Clear Traffic
    • Modular Policy Framework Support for Management Traffic
  • Management and Serviceability