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Common Internet File System (CIFS) on WebVPN does not work with the Windows 2003 server. Users receive the "Login Attempt Failed-Try Again" error message

Core issue

WebVPN does not support SMB signaling.

What is CIFS?

  • CIFS stands for Common Internet File System, it is a protocol which defines a standardized method for remote file to be accessed by millions of computers at same time. With CIFS, users need not to install any new software to publish files. Users on different platforms even need not to install new software.
  • CIFS runs over TCP/IP
  • With CIFS, changes made to a file are simultaneously saved on both the client and server side.


For a workaround, perform the procedure in Cisco bug ID''%20target='_blank'%3ECSCee01195%3C/a%3E&Submit=SearchCSCee01195.

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