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CSC Module Update Error: Unable to copy file . You must manually copy file...

In some situations the CSC Module may try to download and install a pattern file update and hit an error. The error is emailed to the administrator configured on the CSC module and reads:

Anti-spam pattern 12345 was successfully downloaded and installed.

Unable to copy file . You must manually copy file /opt/trend/isvw/temp/AU/piranhacache/* to path /opt/trend/isvw/lib/mail/cache.

This is tracked by Cisco Bug ID CSCul25580. Investigation into this error indicates that it is usually cosmetic. The files are actually copied to the correct destination location irrespective of the error.

Hotfix Details:

CSC Module Patch 1145 is a cumulative patch and resolves the above issue related to 'piranhacache'. It also contains the fixes of the patches that preceded it.

Hotfix Location:

The Trend Micro hotfix 1145 to rectify this issue is available on Trend Micro's safe sync servers here:

Installation Notes:

This can be installed on top of any 6.6.1125.0 build including modules with patch 1140 or patch 1144 installed. You do not need to uninstall any patches first.

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New Member

great solutions thanks for this link an steps, it did work just fine for me. the updates are up and running.


Best Regards.