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CSD host scan products for anti-syware, anti-virus, firewall










Cisco Secure Desktop (CSD) extends the security of SSL VPN technology. CSD provides a separate partition on a user's workstation for session activity. This vault area is encrypted during sessions and completely removed at the end of an SSL VPN session.



Note: In this section we would be discussing only the host scan component.



CSD comprises several components:

  • PreLogin Assessment/Policies
  • Host Scan (Basic and Advanced with remediation capabilities)
  • Cache Cleaner
  • Secure Vault
  • Keystroke Logger
  • Host Emulation detection





Ensure that you meet these requirements before you attempt to enable CSD and configure it:

Requirements for theASA device



  • Cisco ASA software Version 7.1.1 or later

  • Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) release 5.1.1 or later

Note: CSD Version 3.2 supports on ASA Version 8.x only



Component Used


  • csd_3.4.2048.pkg


Background Information


CSD operates with SSL VPN technology, so the Clientless, Thin-Client, or SVC should be activated before the configuration of CSD.


Extracting files from CSD image.


Obtain the CSD image file from cisco website. Add the .zip extension so that it can be unzipped. Once it is unzipped here are the locations of different files.


Location of different files:


       1) Anti-virus:



       2) Anti-Spyware:



       3) Firewall:





(Example from the firewall xml file)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="./avsdk.xsl"?>

<!-- (C) 2005 OPSWAT, Inc. All Rights Reserved. -->

<Table Name="FWSDK_Support_Chart" SDKVersion="" CreatedOn="Tuesday, 28-Apr-09 10:38:20 PDT" TimeStamp="1240940300">


<Vendor Vendor_Name="AEC, spol. s r.o." SDK_Vendor_Name="AEC, spol. s r.o.">


<Support Product="TrustPort Personal Firewall" Version="3.x" Language="0x0409" Product_ID="AEC_FW" Get_Version="v" Is_ON="v" Turn_ON="X" Turn_OFF="X" Allow_App="X" Block_App="X" Allow_Port="X" Block_Port="X" Comment="">








<Vendor Vendor_Name="Agnitum Ltd." SDK_Vendor_Name="Agnitum Ltd.">


<Support Product="Outpost Firewall Pro" Version="4.x" Language="0x0409" Product_ID="AgnitumFW" Get_Version="v" Is_ON="X" Turn_ON="X" Turn_OFF="X" Allow_App="X" Block_App="X" Allow_Port="X" Block_Port="X" Comment="">



Within each xml, a list of supported versions for respective products are defined.



Note: These checks are updated with every release and as such, it is impossible for the documentation to keep up with the list.




FAQ's of CSD: