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How to configure an ASA with asymmetric routing


Issue the asr-group command in order to configure an Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) with asymmetric routing for load balancing.

The asr-group command causes incoming packets to be re-classified with the interface of the same Asymmetric Routing Group (asr-group), if a flow with the incoming interface cannot be found. If re-classification finds a flow with another interface, and the associated context is in standby state, the packet is forwarded to the active unit for processing.


  1. Stateful failover must be enabled in order for this command to take effect.

  2. The asr-group command is only available in conjunction with the active-active failover feature, which requires two ASA devices.

Refer to the Configuring Asymmetric Routing Support section of Configuring Failover for more information.

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