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How to configure Cisco Secure ACS for Windows database replication

Core issue

Database replication creates mirror systems of Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) by duplicating parts of the primary ACS setup to one or more secondary ACS servers. You can configure your Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) clients to use these secondary ACS servers if the primary ACS fails or is unreachable.


The ACS replication process involves these steps:

1.  Complete these steps on the primary ACS:

a.  Select System Configuration > Database replication.

b.  Select the options of your choice in Outbound Replication.

c.  Select the name of your secondary server in the Replication box.

d. Select Any Cisco Secure ACS server in Inbound Replication.

e. Click Submit.

2.  Complete these steps on the secondary ACS:

a. Select System Configuration > Database replication.

b. Select Only Manually in the Outbound Replication.

c.  Leave the Replication box under Partner blank.

d. Select the name of the primary ACS in Inbound Replication.

e.  Click Submit.

3.  Go back to the primary ACS.

4.  Select System Configuration > Database replication and click Replicate Now.

For information on how to set up ACS for database replication, refer to these documents: