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How to configure Clean Access Manager (CAM) to report events to Cisco Secure Monitoring Analysis and Response System (CS-MARS)


In order to configure CAM to report event logs to CS-MARS, complete these steps:

A.  On the CAM, choose EVENTLOGS > Syslog Setting and assign the IP address of the MARS as the syslog server.

B.  On the CS-MARS, choose Admin > Security Monitoring Devices > Add.

  1. Select Device Type and add the software security application on the new host.

  2. Enter the host information.

  3. Select Generic Operating System.

  4. Click Apply, click Done, and click Activate on the right corner of the window.

You should then be able to see raw messages if you do a query for the CAM.

For additional information refer to the Install and Setup Guide for CS-MARS and Clean Access Manager Installation and Configuration Guide.

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