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How to configure CSA MC 4.0 to block the installation of new applications by non-administrators, and allow only administrators to change the screen saver


To block the installation of new applications by non-administrators, perform these steps:

  1. Create a blank deny for program installation.

  2. Create an allow rule, with a user state condition that states to only apply this rule if an administrator is logged in.

Administrators can also set the screen savers. Cisco Security Agent (CSA) includes a Windows application class for screen savers. To set this class, perform these steps:

  1. In the Cisco Works Management Center for Cisco Security Agents (CSAMC) menu, go to  Configuration >Application > Application Classes (Windows).

  2. Select List All Items from the dropdown box on the top right of the page, to show all classes.

    This class specifies all *.scr files in the Windows directory. However, it can edit the path, or duplicate the class and edit the path on the new class.

  3. Create a rule module that uses these classes, with user state conditions that specify only one screen saver can be used by normal users. However,  the administrator can use any screen saver.