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How to configure IP accounting on the PIX Firewall

Core issue

Statistical traffic information for each host (IP address) on the local subnet may be desired for manangement purposes. As such, an IP accounting feature on the PIX Firewall is needed.


The PIX does not have a feature to configure IP accounting, and so is unable to monitor the number of connections and bandwidth that a particular host in the local network is generates. 

As a workaround, configure a syslog server to monitor traffic that passes through the PIX. Use third-party software such as ReportGen for PIX.

For information about how to configure the PIX to send syslog messages to a server or to the console, refer to these documents:

For information about how to install PIX Device Manager (PDM), refer to Cisco PIX Device Manager.

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How to (General Information)

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Firewall - PIX 500 series

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