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How to configure the Cisco IOS router to use local authentication for Telnet inside access and TACACS+ authentication for Secure Shell (SSH) outside access


The configuration can be done by considering the following example.

Issue under global configuration  mode ,

username cisco priv 15 password cisco

aaa new-model
aaa authentication login default local
aaa authentication login cisco group tacacs+ local
tacacs-server host key

access-list 1 permit (LAN subnet/mask)

line vty 0 4
access-class 1 in
login authentication default
transport input telnet

line vty 5 15
login authentication cisco
transport input ssh

Refer SSH for  more details  on the configuration.

Refer TELNET for more details on it's configuration on  PIX .

The output of show line command confirms that SSH and Telnet are going to proper lines as configured.

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