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How to delete files from the Flash of a PIX 500 series firewall with software version 7.x ?


Complete these steps to delete files from Flash:

1.  Use the dir command to list the files in Flash.


Directory of flash:/
5  -rw-  5107768  13:05:10 Oct 11 2005  image.bin
11  -rw-  1553  16:16:54 Oct 26 2005  old_running.cfg
12  -rw-  1878  23:41:07 Oct 26 2005  admin.cfg
13  -rw-  1887  23:40:56 Oct 26 2005  test.cfg

16128000 bytes total (11007488 bytes free)

2. Use the delete command in configuration mode.

PIXfirewall#configure terminal
PIXfirewall(config)#delete ?

exec mode commands/options:
/noconfirm  Do not prompt for confirmation
/recursive  Recursive delete
flash:  File to be deleted

3.  Issue the delete flash command to delete files from Flash.

PIXfirewall(config)#delete flash:?

exec mode commands/options:
flash:/admin.cfg  flash:/image.bin  flash:/old_running.cfg

4.  Specify the file name.

PIXfirewall(config)#delete flash:test.cfg

5.  Confirm the configuration.

Delete filename [test.cfg]?yes
Delete flash:? [confirm] hit enter key
Delete of flash:deleted

For additional help, refer to the delete command section of the Cisco Security Appliance Command Reference, Version 7.0.

You can delete these files if you do not wish to downgrade back to PIX Firewall 6.3. This includes the PIX 6.3 configuration:

6  -rw-  1780  12:15:54 Nov 29 2004  downgrade.cfg
9  -rw-  1941560  12:16:42 Nov 29 2004  image_old.bin

You can also delete your extra copy of the image of the pix701.bin file since the PIX 7.0 image is renamed as image.bin by default.

You could also delete the old_running.cfg file if you do not need it to make room for the Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) image file.

13  -rw-  5124096  07:48:17 May 18 2005  pix701.bin
14  -rw-  1741  10:14:04 Jun 18 2005  old_running.cfg