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How to disable the config audit done automatically as part of the deployment of the SR on the ISC


hen a service request is deployed, the IP Solution Center (ISC) checks the configlet that it deployed against the configuration on the CPE device, which is called a Config Audit. If both configlets are the same, the audit is successful.

In order to disable this feature, complete these steps:

  1. Create the Service Requests (SR) and save it. The SR is in the Requested state.

  2. Choose Monitoring > Task Manager, and choose Create > Service Deployment.

  3. Click Select/Deselect and select all the SRs that you want to deploy.

  4. Under Options, unselect Provision and Audit.

  5. Choose Submit in order to submit the Service Deployment Task. This disables the config audit and only performs the Service Deployment.

Refer to the Config Audit section of Provisioning Services for more information on how to manually run a Config Audit.

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